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Discover All That Feasting on the Word Has to Offer

The success of the original Feasting on the Word commentary series sparked interest for the approach not only in other areas of worship and sermon preparation, but also in the areas of education and devotion. We understand that with so many products to choose from, it might be difficult to determine which resources are perfect for you and your congregation. Below, you will find a description of each product line, information to help you determine if it's for you, and excerpts that you can download in order to preview the material. 

Feasting on the Word
Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary

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What Is It?

This series is a focused resource for sermon preparation. For each biblical text assigned by the Revised Common Lectionary, readers will find brief essays on the exegetical, theological, homiletical, and pastoral challenges of the text. The twelve volumes of the series cover all Sundays in the three-year lectionary cycle, along with movable occasions, such as Christmas Day, Epiphany, Holy Week, and All Saints' Day. Additional essays for Ordinary Time are available by clicking here.

Available Volumes

Is It for You?

The Feasting on the Word commentaries are ideal for lectionary preachers looking for an award-winning resource for sermon preparation.

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Feasting on the Gospels
A Feasting on the Word Commentary
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What Is It?

Feasting on the Gospels is a new, seven-volume preaching resource focusing specifically on the four Gospels. The series includes completely new material that covers every single passage in the Gospels; it also incorporates the unique format of Feasting on the Word with four perspectives to choose from for each Gospel passage: theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical.

If you're wondering about how Feasting on the Gospels can be used with the original Feasting on the Word series, or if one is more beneficial for you, click here to see the difference and download excerpts that allow for easy comparison of the two series.

Available Volumes
Is It for You?

Feasting on the Gospels offers a unique resource for all who preach, either continuously or occasionally, on the Gospels. Because the volumes cover every single passage in the Gospels, it is suitable for both pastors who preach from the lectionary as well as those who do not.

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Feasting on the Word Worship Companion

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What Is It?

Now complete, the Feasting on the Word Worship Companions draw from the Revised Common Lectionary to provide liturgical pieces for preparing for worship. They include a multitude of poetic prayers and responsive readings for all parts of worship. The volumes also include questions for reflection and household prayers for morning and evening. A CD-ROM is included so that planners can easily cut and paste into worship bulletins. 

Available Volumes
Is It for You?

These volumes are ideal for worship planners. They are intended to complement, not replace, existing denominational resources for worship.

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Daily Feast
Meditations from Feasting on the Word

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What Is It?

Daily Feast is a three-volume series of daily devotionals drawing from the Feasting on the Word commentaries to present inspirational reflections for each day of the lectionary year. Each day of the week contains Scripture passages for the coming Sunday from the Revised Common Lectionary, excerpts from the commentaries for reflection, a response, and a prayer.

Additional material is provided for each Sunday. Each volume is packaged in a handsome leatherette cover and includes a ribbon to help you keep your place.

Available Volumes

Is It for You?

Daily Feast is ideal for those looking for daily meditation and journaling, but can also offer help for teaching and worship preparation.

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Feasting on the Word Curriculum
Teaching the Revised Common Lectionary

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What Is It?

Feasting on the Word Curriculum: Teaching the Revised Common Lectionary is an ecumenical, downloadable, lectionary-based curriculum. This innovative resource incorporates the Feasting on the Word commentary style to explore one of the lectionary passages in ways suitable for participants of all ages. The curriculum is available as a Total Church Plan or as Individual Age Levels, in both 9 and 12-month formats and per season. Also available is Joining the Feast, a seasonal resource to help pastors intentionally link the worship experience to educational themes.

Click here to visit the Feasting on the Word Curriculum website and learn more about pricing and additional information. Is It for You?

The Feasting on the Word Curriculum is intended for use by church educators who teach at various age levels.

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Advent and Lent
Worship Companions for the Season

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The Feasting on the Word Advent and Lenten Companions are perfect for pastors looking for new resources to help them plan for worship specifically during the Advent and/or Lenten seasons. These two new thematic volumes offer pastors an all-in-one resource for Advent and Lent with worship materials and sermon preparation tools for the season.

A complete order of service is provided for each Sunday, plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Advent and Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday in Lent. Shorter devotional services for midweek use are also included, as are hymn suggestions and sample children's sermons. The texts are drawn from Scripture passages frequently preached during Advent and Lent.


Advent Companion: Order Now!

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Children's Sermons
A Guide from Feasting on the Word

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David Bartlett, co-general editor of the Feasting on the Word commentary series, and his wife Carol Bartlett, an early childhood educator, have teamed up to write a guide to the children's sermon. This new resource helps pastors prepare appropriate sermons for children.

The book includes chapters on how to select and use Bible stories with children from the lectionary, information on the kinds of stories that are appropriate for children of different ages, best practices to help relate the children's sermon to the rest of worship, and solutions to the pitfalls of children's time. Sample Bible stories will be included in each chapter, as will a bibliography of children's literature for use in children's sermons.

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Feasting on the Word Children's Sermons

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Many pastors are confused about what to say during children's time in churches. These guides for each lectionary year (Year B due to release Fall of 2017) offer practical suggestions for preparing and delivering the children's sermon. After explaining the purpose of the children's sermon, noted Christian educator Carol Wehrheim provides a story for each Sunday of the church year based on the Revised Common Lectionary. In addition, a few stories are provided for special moments in the church's life, such as when a mission group is commissioned, church leaders ordained, a death occurs. This resource provides pastors and other church leaders with fresh, engaging stories that children will understand and enjoy.

Click here to download the introduction and a sample sermon from Year C.