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Feasting on the Word Curriculum is now on The Thoughtful Christian. Click here to browse the 2018-2019 curriculum year. Click here to download samples and scope and sequence documents.
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Summer 2018 is the last season that will be available on this site.

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Feasting on the Word Curriculum?

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What Is Feasting on the Word Curriculum?

The new Feasting on the Word Curriculum: Teaching the Revised Common Lectionary is an ecumenical, downloadable resource that incorporates the uniqueness of the award-winning Feasting on the Word commentaries. This innovative resource incorporates the Feasting on the Word commentary style to explore one of the lectionary passages in ways suitable for all participants. Each age level provides comprehensive, accessible biblical background for teachers from four perspectives.

This curriculum begins with a solid scriptural and theological base for leaders and invites leaders and learners deeper into the rhythm of the church year. It utilizes a common Bible passage for all learners, making it easy for families to learn and live out their faith together.

The curriculum is available as a Total Church Plan or as Individual Age Levels, in both 9 and 12 month formats and per season.

To learn more about this program and how you can connect worship and faith
formation, please download our catalog.