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Upcoming Projects

Always aiming to provide resources for every function and season of the church, more resources lie ahead for the Feasting on the Word brand. Below are forthcoming projects currently in development.

Guide to Children's Sermons

NOW AVAILABLE! (Order Now!).

David Bartlett, co-general editor of the Feasting on the Word commentary series, and his wife Carol Bartlett, an early childhood educator, have teamed up to write a guide to the children's sermon. This new resource helps pastors prepare appropriate sermons for children. The book includes chapters on how to select and use Bible stories with children from the lectionary, information on the kinds of stories that are appropriate for children of different ages, best practices to help relate the children's sermon to the rest of worship, and solutions to the pitfalls of children's time. Sample Bible stories will be included in each chapter, as will a bibliography of children's literature for use in children's sermons.

Advent and Lenten Companions

Advent Companion Now Available! (Order Now!). Lenten Companion available Spring 2015 (Preorder Now!).

The Feasting on the Word Advent and Lenten Companions are perfect for pastors looking for new resources to help them plan for worship specifically during the Advent and/or Lenten seasons. These two new thematic volumes offer pastors an all-in-one resource for Advent and Lent with worship materials and sermon preparation tools for the season. A complete order of service is provided for each Sunday, plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Advent and Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday in Lent. Shorter devotional services for midweek use are also included, as are hymn suggestions and sample children's sermons. The texts are drawn from Scripture passages frequently preached during Advent and Lent.